A NOVEL RF Output for ICOM IC-9700

We would like to introduce PTRX-9700 as a novel RF output/Panadapter for ICOM IC-9700 into the HAM Radio Community.

PTRX-9700 is a type of high impedance probe with RF output which helps you monitor activated VHF, UHF, and L band RX channels of ICOM IC-9700 simultaneously.

Installation of PTRX-9700 is totally reversible so you can remove it from your radio at anytime without any hassle. As can be seen on the actual installed unit in Fig.1-2, the operator does not need to modify his/her ICOM IC-9700 during installation or removal.

PTRX-9700 comprises of three independent hi-impedance probing channels along with an active RF combiner therefore it allows the radio operator to monitor all bands of the radio without RX signal attenuation and distortion.

Design architecture of PTRX-9700 can be seen as a block diagram in Fig.3.  3D CAD view of PTRX-9700 is available in Fig.4, and you can find design specifications in Fig.5.

You can see the spectrum of VHF and UHF bands along with APRS  (Automatic Packet Reporting System) decoding in Fig.6-7.

OK, what is next?
We have already finished R&D of the unit and now we are in pilot production, so keep tuning us!

Installed PTRX-9700
Fig.1: Bottom view of IC-9700 with PTRX-9700.
PTRX-9700 with SDR receiver
Fig.2: SDR receiver connection to PTRX-9700.
Fig.3: PTRX-9700 block diagram.
Fig.4: PTRX-9700 top and bottom view as 3D CAD model.
PTRX-9700 specification
Fig.5: PTRX-9700 design specifications.
PTRX-9700 VHF spectrum with APRS decoding
Fig.6: VHF spectrum along with APRS decoding.
PTRX-9700 UHF spectrum
Fig.7: UHF spectrum monitoring.

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